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Preface to Truly Rich and Great

Aug 16

This title, Truly Rich and Great, is the fifth that I have published since 2003. The four earlier titles<1> have reached the hands of Christian brethren in various countries. The warm reception the first four titles received has been an encouragement to me and, as the Lord enables, I hope to continue making available more titles.

This latest book is based on eight consecutive messages<2> preached in a local congregation in 1994-1995. Through it, I hope to contribute towards a wholesome understanding of what it means to be truly rich and great – seen from the biblical perspective and the life and teaching of the Lord Jesus.

As in my earlier books, I have tried to show that the truths presented in these pages have been carefully derived from the Scriptures. I hope that by presenting the messages in this way, you will be helped to develop your personal convictions on the issues addressed based on the Scriptures.

As at this time of writing, I have had forty years of fellowship and ministry in a local congregation and for that, I am truly grateful to the Lord. My books grew out of these forty years of life together with the brethren. Many of the brethren have contributed in various ways to my ministry and in making these books available. Their contributions include recording and transcribing the messages, and editing them into a form suitable for publication.

I wish to also express my thanks to God for the participation of brethren in other countries. Some of them helped to print and distribute the books in regions beyond – from the Philippines and India to Africa and the Americas. Some also helped to translate the books into other languages. To date, the first four titles have been translated into Spanish while the first title, Understanding Job, is available in Akha, the language of a Thai minority tribe, and the fourth title, Truly Strong, is currently available in Korean in ebook format.

The involvement of the brethren in the local congregation and those in other countries is, to me, a meaningful expression of fellowship among God's people in the universal church.

More materials from my ministry are available on the website www.godandtruth.com. Besides the five books in various digital formats, you will also find many text messages and more than 500 audio messages on major issues of the Christian faith. I invite you to visit the website and freely download the materials for personal use or to forward them to others. God willing, I hope to provide more wholesome scriptural materials to help Christians grow and serve the Lord.

This is an on-going project and I am deeply conscious that it cannot be carried out and sustained without the Lord’s enabling and provision. I would therefore appreciate your prayers for the Lord’s guidance and undertaking for this whole project so that it may truly contribute to the spiritual growth of His children. It is my earnest prayer that God's children may be truly rich and great in His kingdom.

Lim Kou

1. Understanding Job (2003), The Two Kingdoms (2005), Man of Faith (2010), Truly Strong (2014).
2. Messages AR147-154 from the message series Appearance & Reality.

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