general messages

contains messages on various topics and includes two mini series. Life of Faith discusses what true faith is, where it comes from and how it grows. Resting in God discusses how we can enter into, maintain and deepen our rest in God under all circumstances.

2 temptation scenes

looks at the record in Genesis 3:1-6 and Matthew 4:1-11 and what they teach us concerning spiritual warfare, helping us to understand the ways and wiles of Satan, the way he attacks us, the major areas that can go wrong in our lives and how we can be vigilant. We will also learn from the Lord Jesus how we can live an overcoming life and worship and serve God only.

appearance & reality

is a series of 287 messages which helps us to live our lives on the basis of reality and to perceive all things from the perspective of God's kingdom rather than live our lives on the basis of the outward appearance of things and the values of the fallen world.

  People   looks at how to understand people and ourselves accurately by perceiving the meaning within the heart, based on reflections on the lives of various Bible characters.

  Situations   considers how we can learn to fare well, grow well and serve God effectively in all situations and circumstances, even difficult and prolonged ones. It reflects on situations that various biblical characters went through and how they fared.

  Conduct, Service and Action   considers what constitutes effective prayer and service, and the problems associated with over-emphasis on outward appearance of things such as dramatic experiences, numbers in outreach, and outward forms and activities. It considers issues related to proper outworking of church life such as corporate worship, effective preaching, being good hearers and being trained and equipped for service, and issues related to communication, such as the dangers of pleasant words and the positive and negative responses to reproof.

  The Lord Jesus Christ   considers the circumstances surrounding His conception, birth and childhood, and His conduct in different situations which at times is puzzling and seems inappropriate. A major subsection on the kingdom of God and the fallen world considers their contrasting characteristics, the importance of the kingdom of God to the Lord and the pervasive influence of the spirit of the world. The world's concept of success, power, riches and greatness are viewed in the light of biblical teaching on these issues. The section ends with reflections on sorrow and pain, peace and joy, true dignity and partiality.

  The death of the Lord Jesus Christ   looks at how Christ's death on the cross appeared a dismal failure, but was in reality a glorious triumph. It examines the great meaning and significance of the Cross, the establishment of the New Covenant, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the provision of the way for man to overcome the weakness of the flesh, the powers of darkness and the influence of the world. Appreciation of the Cross invokes in us a deeper sense of worship for God, and motivates us to live with a greater sense of meaning and purpose. This section concludes with reflections on the Lord's Supper.

fulfilment of God's purposes

examines what the Scriptures reveals about the goal of God's purposes and how He seeks to bring it about. The key word ‘mystery’ in Paul's epistles sheds much light. Central to the fulfilment of God's purposes is Christ and God's intentions for us in Christ. God's primary intentions for man: moral, spiritual beauty and stature and deep fellowship between God and men and among men. God's purposes are realised through Christ and what was accomplished at the Cross, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the proper outworking of church life, as revealed in the Scriptures.


The messages found in this website are organised into 4 main sections: General Messages, Two Temptation Scenes, Appearance and Reality and The Fulfilment of God's Purposes. Messages within each main section are further categorised into sub-sections as shown below:


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