Audio files

To listen to RealAudio, you need RealPlayer™ installed on your PC. Click here or on the button below to download a free copy from Real's website.

Download RealPlayer

To listen to MP3, you need an MP3 player such as Microsoft's Windows Media Player 10 installed on your PC. Click here or on the button below to download a free copy from Microsoft's website.

Get Windows Media Player

To listen to MP3 audio messages on your MP3-supported audio device, your device must be able to support the MP3 format used in the message files (32kbps, 22MHz, variable bit rate encoding). Check your player user manual and the list of compatible players in the Help section for more information.

Audio messages

The audio messages here are available in RealAudio™ streaming format and in MP3 format. Please note there is significant background noise for audio messages prior to 8.10.89.

Use the RealAudio version to quickly preview any part of the message without downloading the entire message to your computer. To listen to the RealAudio streaming version, left-click on LISTEN in the required message. You need to have RealPlayer installed on your PC and you must be connected to the internet in order to listen.

Use the MP3 version if you intend to download the audio message and listen on your computer or any MP3-supported audio device. To play the MP3 file on your computer, you must have an MP3 player installed like Microsoft Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, MusicMatch Jukebox, dbPowerAmp Audio Player or WinAmp.

If you have an MP3 player that can support streaming of MP3 files like Windows Media Player 10, you can listen to the MP3 message by left-clicking on the MP3 link in the required message.

To download the MP3 file:

  • Right-click on the MP3 link in the required message.
  • Select 'Save Target As...' in the pop-up menu that appears.
  • Choose the folder to save to and click 'Save'.

The MP3 audio files are large, around 15-25MB in size. You can preview the message by listening to the RealAudio version before deciding if you want to download the entire message. Although Windows Media Player 10 supports streaming playback of MP3 files, it does not allow jumping to any part of the message unless the entire message has been downloaded to your computer.

The approximate time taken to download an audio file depends on the speed and reliability of your Internet connection. Assuming a good connection, approximate download times are shown below:

Time taken to download 20MB file:
  • 50-60 minutes @56 Kbps (dial-up modem)
  • 25-30 minutes @112 Kbps (ISDN)
  • 11 minutes @256 Kbps (cable/DSL)
  • 5.5 minutes @512 Kbps (cable/DSL)
  • less than 2 minutes @1.5 Mbps (cable/DSL)

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