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This series of 47 messages are based on the two temptation scenes recorded in Genesis 3:1-6 and Matthew 4:1-11. These two passages have much to teach us concerning spiritual warfare. They can help us understand the ways and wiles of Satan, the way he attacks us, the major areas that can go wrong in our lives and how we can be vigilant. We will also learn from the Lord Jesus how we can live an overcoming life and worship and serve God only.

Major areas that can go wrong

2TS01 Casting doubts on God 24Apr83 | PDF 132KB | EPUB 36.9KB Cast doubt, confusion on word of God. Direct contradiction of word of God. Cast doubts on goodness of God
2TS02 Fleshly appetites and aspirations 15May83 | PDF 150KB | EPUB 42.9KB Physical, bodily needs, appetites. What we see. Aspirations, attainments not intended by God. Knowledge and wisdom
2TS03a Rebellion and negative influence 5Jun83 | PDF 90KB | EPUB 38.1KB
2TS03b The issue of choice 5Jun83 | PDF 108KB | EPUB 31.8KB
2TS04 Discontentment and way of contentment 26Jun83 | PDF 127KB | EPUB 38.0KB
2TS05 Pride (1) 17Jul83 | PDF 137KB | EPUB 30.4KB
2TS06 Pride (2) 7Aug83 | PDF 149KB | EPUB 31.5KB
2TS07 Drawing Man Away From God - Part 1 28Aug83 | PDF 61KB | EPUB 37.2KB

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