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This series of 47 messages are based on the two temptation scenes recorded in Genesis 3:1-6 and Matthew 4:1-11. These two passages have much to teach us concerning spiritual warfare. They can help us understand the ways and wiles of Satan, the way he attacks us, the major areas that can go wrong in our lives and how we can be vigilant. We will also learn from the Lord Jesus how we can live an overcoming life and worship and serve God only.

Major areas that can go wrong

2TS01 Casting doubts on God 24Apr83 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.5MB | PDF 132KB Cast doubt, confusion on word of God. Direct contradiction of word of God. Cast doubts on goodness of God.
2TS02 Fleshly appetites and aspirations 15May83 | LISTEN 1hr35min | MP3 21.6MB | PDF 150KB Physical, bodily needs, appetites. What we see. Aspirations, attainments not intended by God. Knowledge and wisdom.
2TS03 Rebellion and negative influence / The issue of choice 5Jun83 | LISTEN 1hr52min | MP3 25.4MB | PDF (2TS03a) 90KB | PDF (2TS03b) 108KB
2TS04 Discontentment and way of contentment 26Jun83 | LISTEN 1hr35min | MP3 20.9MB | PDF 127KB
2TS05 Pride (1) 17Jul83 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.4MB | PDF 137KB
2TS06 Pride (2) 7Aug83 | LISTEN 1hr37min | MP3 22.1MB | PDF 149KB
2TS07 Drawing man away from God (1) 28Aug83 | LISTEN 1hr17min | MP3 17.6MB | PDF 61KB
2TS08 Drawing away from God (2): God's will, God's way and God's enabling 11Sep83 | LISTEN 1hr44min | MP3 - 23.3MB
2TS09 Deception 2Oct83 | LISTEN 1hr25min | MP3 19MB
2TS10 Factors which contribute to deception taking place 23Oct83 | LISTEN 1hr35min | MP3 21.5MB
2TS11 Safeguards against deception 13Nov83 | LISTEN 1hr53min | MP3 25.7MB

The objective of the evil one: bondage, death and destruction

2TS12 The objective of the evil one: bondage, death and destruction 4Dec83 | LISTEN 1hr31min | MP3 20.7MB
2TS13 Biblical example : King Saul 11Dec83 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.5MB
2TS14 Biblical example: Job 1Jan84 | LISTEN 1hr41min | MP3 23.1MB
2TS15 Biblical examples: Ananias, Peter, Simon, Paul 22Jan84 | LISTEN 1hr53min | MP3 25.7MB

Response and replies of the Lord Jesus

2TS16 The Scriptures 12Feb84 | LISTEN 1hr58min | MP3 24.5MB
2TS17 The distinction between the Scriptures and the term 'Word of God' 4Mar84 | LISTEN 1hr27min | MP3 19.9MB
2TS18 Living on every word of God 25Mar84 | LISTEN 1hr35min | MP3 21.6MB

Various meanings of the term 'word of God'

2TS19 The Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit 15Apr84 | LISTEN 1hr51min | MP3 25.4MB
2TS20 The Gospel and the creative power and energy of God (1) 6May84 | LISTEN 1hr35min | MP3 21.6MB
2TS21 The creative power and energy of God (2) 13May84 | LISTEN 1hr48min | MP3 24.5MB
2TS22 The creative power and energy of God (3) 3Jun84 | LISTEN 1hr44min | MP3 23.7MB The spiritual and moral impact
2TS23 What God has spoken and revealed: Life and content 24Jun84 | LISTEN 1hr33min | MP3 21.1MB
2TS24 Response and reply of the Lord Jesus to the first temptation 15Jul84 | LISTEN 1hr31min | MP3 20.7MB
2TS25 "You shall not put the Lord your God to the test" (1) 5Aug84 | LISTEN 1hr22min | MP3 18.8MB
2TS26 "You shall not put the Lord your God to the test" (2): The true life of faith 26Aug84 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.5MB

"On the other hand, it is written"

2TS27 Examples: (a) Answer to prayer (b) Christians and material wealth 16Sep84 | LISTEN 1hr44min | MP3 23.8MB
2TS28 Examples: (c) Looking forward to the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus 7Oct84 | LISTEN 1hr32min | MP3 20.7MB
2TS29 Principles and implications: False sense of assurance (1) 28Oct84 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.4MB (a) Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things"
(b) Romans 8:28 "all things work together for good”
2TS30 Principles and implications: False sense of assurance (2) 18Nov84 | LISTEN 1hr35min | MP3 21.5MB (c) Psalm 23
(d) 2 Timothy 2:13 - God's faithfulness
2TS31 Two areas of danger related to spiritual warfare 9Dec84 | LISTEN 1hr26min | MP3 19.6MB (a) Power of Jesus' name
(b) Dangerous approach in seeking spiritual experiences and gifts with false sense of safety in reliance upon Matt 7:11 that God will only give us what is good
2TS32 Satan and the world 30Dec84 | LISTEN 1hr46min | MP3 24.2MB

Worship and serve God only

2TS33 Worship and serve God only (1) 20Jan85 | LISTEN 1hr45min | MP3 24.0MB
2TS34 Worship and serve God only (2) 10Feb85 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.3MB
2TS35 (a) Marriage  (b) Exercise and good health;
Service: Moses
3Mar85 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.5MB
2TS36 Service: Paul, Anna and Simeon 24Mar85 | LISTEN 1hr24min | MP3 19.1MB
2TS37 Service: Relationship between witnessing/conversions and building up of believers: Biblical perspective and emphasis 14Apr85 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.5MB
2TS38 True service: what builds up the body of Christ: different forms and ways 5May85 | LISTEN 1hr51min | MP3 25.4MB
2TS39 Service: Ministry of refreshment, encouragement and edification through words and deeds 26May85 | LISTEN 1hr49min | MP3 24.9MB
2TS40 Service: Ministry of refreshment, encouragement and edification through prayer... 16Jun85 | LISTEN 1hr46min | MP3 24.2MB
2TS41 Maintaining healthy balance of regulated service 7Jul85 | LISTEN 1hr31min | MP3 20.6MB
2TS42 Further observations on outworking of service 28Jul85 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.4MB


2TS43 Points 1 - 13 : messages 1 - 8 18Aug85 | LISTEN 1hr48min | MP3 24.6MB
2TS44 Points 14 - 19 : messages 9 - 23 8Sep85 | LISTEN 1hr42min | MP3 23.1MB
2TS45 Points 20 - 22 : messages 24 -31 22Sep85 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.4MB
2TS46 Points 23 - 24 : messages 32 - 42 13Oct85 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.4MB
2TS47 Reflections on response and replies of the Lord Jesus 3Nov85 | LISTEN 1hr34min | MP3 21.4MB Implications in Christian living and overcoming temptations and attacks of the evil one: 3 major areas:
1. The Scriptures
2. Condition of our hearts
3. Careful and healthy fellowship with God

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