Man of Faith
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Preface to Man of Faith

Jan 10

I am pleased to offer this book, Man of Faith, for the edification of God’s children everywhere. My first book, Understanding Job (2003), is a reflection on the meaning and purpose of Job’s suffering. My second, The Two Kingdoms (2005), presents the biblical teaching on the kingdom of God and the fallen world, the meaning of our earthly existence and how we can live well as citizens of heaven in a fallen world. I am thankful to the Lord for much encouraging feedback on both books from brethren in different parts of the world. This third book deals with the meaning of true faith and what it means to be a man of faith. Just as for the first two titles, this book is offered free of charge.

These books grew out of more than thirty years of warm fellowship and ministry in a local congregation. These were years of learning and growing, both for me and for the congregation.

It has been my approach, in preaching and writing, to present scriptural truths in such a way that the hearers and readers can satisfy for themselves that the teachings are scripturally sound and not the mere assertions and opinions of man. I have tried to exercise care in quoting and interpreting scriptural texts, and in showing how the truths are arrived at.

The publication of these books would not have been possible without the help offered by the brethren in recording the audio messages, and in transcribing and editing them. Brethren in other countries have also helped in the printing and distribution of these books. I am thankful to the Lord for their participation. This, to me, is a meaningful expression of fellowship among God's people in the local congregation and in the universal church.

These books are part of an ongoing project to provide wholesome scriptural materials to help Christians grow and serve the Lord. The three books, together with other text and audio messages on major issues of the Christian faith, are available on the website, and they may be freely downloaded for personal use or for distribution.

I would appreciate your prayers for the Lord’s guidance in this whole project so that it may contribute to the growth of believers, to their becoming men and women of faith, firmly grounded in the Scriptures.

Lim Kou

The content of this message is protected by Copyright © 2001 - 2012 Lim Kou. Permission is given to print and reproduce part (where the meaning intended is retained and the part is not quoted out of context) or all the content, for personal use or for distribution, on condition that there is proper acknowledgement, no changes are made and the content distributed free of charge. Please be prayerful and discreet in distributing or making the content available to others. This paragraph and that below should be included in any and all content reproduced for distribution.

Scripture Quotations
Scripture quotations unless otherwise stated, are taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD Bible ®, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

Man of Faith
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